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January 26, 2011
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(Contains: sexual themes)
:bulletred: BOTH CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18!! (Please don't ban me another time for a stupid reason... i already payed for this account and i'm following the freakin' rules)

:bulletred: Warning: R-15, Mild nudity, Yaoi(boy love), Germancest(incest), don't like it... don't look. If you dislike it i rather see you flamming me about it on a comment, instead of flagging my art... I draw gay pornz, tch!, big deal... get over it...LOLz

:bulletblue: DOWNLOAD TO FULLVIEW (full size 2400x1959pix)

I made this based on a drawing i made on a comment with deviant-muro (deviant-muro in a comment) on my Germany RP account, i'll leave a link to the little drawing for you to see it

:star: Link to drawing---> [link]


:bulletyellow: Ludwig(germany) and Gilbert(prussia) from Hetalia Axis Powers show

((:icongameboyplz:)) I made it look as if you were playing a videogame. I love those videogames that depending on what you choose you get a different ending hahaha :icongameaddictplz:

Germany askes you if you want to "become one with him :heart:"... though he doesn't give you an option to reject him... just different ways for you to say "yes"... If you take to long to answer him, he'll just take that as a "*get raped* option ((:icongameboyplz::icongameoverplz:)) ... :icongrabontightplz::iconthumbplz:. But you know what they say, "it's not rape if you liked it"...

**(by the way, :iconchibigilbert1plz: Gilbert calling Ludwig "nii-sama" is just because i love to think that HRE and Germany are the same, and since HRE is hundreds of years older than Prussia, he would technically be the Older brother... And also because i love Uke-prussia too much... and it makes my heart flutter when i hear him calling "older brother" with a cute, submissive expression to Ludwig)


:iconrainbowheartplz: ... :iconpenguinpleaseplz: I also Roleplay as Seme Germany/HRE/Germouser (:iconchibigermanyplz:/:iconchibihre1plz:/:iconnekogermanyplz:) in case any of you know someone that would like to RP as Uke-gilbert (:iconchibiprussia2plz:/:iconchibigilbert1plz:/:iconnekoprussiaplz:)

...:iconinupleaseplz:... I'm bilingual and i can RP in either English or Spanish (:iconin-english-plz:/:iconen-espanol-plz:)... If you like Germancest or if you'd like to RP with a seme-Ludwig or if you want to create a Hetalia Roleplay Account, please contact me on a comment and i would be very happy to help you out

:bulletred: My RP accounts

----> ~ChibiLudwigPlz:iconchibiludwigplz:

----> ~Alemania-Ludwig :iconalemania-ludwig:


:star::iconchibigilbertplz: <----- :love: My roleplay buddy *Arkham-Insanity :iconarkham-insanity: ... she draws really awesome! Check out her gallery if you like Hetalia and Spanking fanart :iconthumbplz:...
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...Wait a second... I know this picture...
From Y!Gallery!
Why am I getting excited about this? XD
pretzelpie Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice butt, Gil.
Raininglulz Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this needs to be a real game... 
Somebody... make it happen
I actually tried to click on one of the options ...
Hellsprincess013 Mar 16, 2013  Student General Artist
actually it's not rape if you like it......>:D
. . .

Why did I fave this?
darkninja45 Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(runs faster than Italians in full retreat)

Oh Germany ravage me, seize me, take me, do whatever you please with me Germany please make me a slave of your love GERMANY II WANT TO BE IN YOUR CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• le me iz. A perv
SandrOops Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconepicclapplz:...i agree with you...
ArthurIglesias Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Gilbert <3
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